Abhay Rama Productions Private Limited

"Visionaries build what dreamers imagined"

Abhay Rama Productions is a visionary institute in film-making and media field, that is run and co-owned by Mr. Yatendra Singh and his daughter Aishwarya Singh.

Since its establishment in the year 2010 Abhay Rama Productions Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken many successful films and TV serials in both Hindi and Marathi languages. Another addon feather in company’s wing by gearing up to foray in the world of digital media with its high concept web series.

Our Visionary Director is a veteran journalist, renowned writer, and successful media entrepreneur, with hands-on experienced daughter as co-owner with her passion in the world of media and operations. She is Film graduate and imaginative architect designer.

Abhay Rama Productions comes up with their new venture with the digital vertical, not just cater to 360 digital platforms but also includes brand engaging content, be it videos to articles, OTT content to Short formats and other social media paradigms.

Yatendra Singh

Born in 1960, Mr Yatendra Singh, grew up in a traditional family and graduated from school in 1976. With a degree in MA in History and Master of Business Administration, he took on the role of a dynamic entrepreneur at a very young age. During his college time, he started a magazine titled “Young Achievers” at the age of 20, and formed his first company when he was just 25 years old, called Plastotech, a plastic goods manufacturing unit in Ghaziabad. Since 1998, he has also been running a charitable school, called Dynamic Public school under the trust Abhay Rama Foundation, which imparts education to the underprivileged children. Later on he expanded his business in the field of TV serials and films ( Bollywood) and has produced many a TV serials in Hindi and Marathi.  With his expertise in the field of media, investigating journalism along with electronic and entertainment media, he also runs his very own successful News channel ”NEWS 1 INDIA”. He also is extremely well versed with the digital media and content creation on the digital platforms such as Facebook and Youtube videos, which now -a- days is very much in demand and plans to open a vertical attuning the same. This digital vertical caters not just to 360 digital platforms but also includes brand engaging content, be it videos to articles, OTT content to Short formats and other social media paradigms.  

Mr Yatendra Singh passion has always been writing, and he has done some commendable work in the field to prove his mettle. His writing mainly focuses on social and spiritual development, and for the same has been recognized and received many an accolades and awards for his contribution.  Having been the founder of many companies since last 36 years, he is a specialist and an expert in identifying market opportunities and production teams. He has not only secured capital investments and built business and financial infrastructure, but also ensured revenue growth. His expertise and forte lies in Strategic Planning and assembled leadership that helps to give organization operational processes, standard revenue goals/ growth attainment and financial plan developments.  Mr. Yatendra Singh believes in the adage, “Strength and growth only come through continuous effort and struggle, without which the words like success and achievements have no meaning.”


Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh belongs to a family of media professionals, where her father is a renowned journalist owning his own News channel, there she herself is the Directors of Operations for a leading digital media firm, named Gossamer Media Pvt Ltd. She is a highly motivated passionate and creative individual who is self-driven and disciplined. Her educational background in screenplay writing and filmmaking from one of the prestigious schools, The New York Film Academy has equipped her with in-depth knowledge on the technical and creative aspects of film making. At present she is heading two companies simultaneously, which are ‘Eloquence Media Private Limited’ in the field of film making and ‘Aishwarya Music’ in the field of music. Both the companies headed by her are well established and running successfully. Also, she has successfully completed her latest project ‘Aswamedham’. Whilst her experience in Architecture has sharpened her practical know how. She boasts of an experience varied and unparalleled, that is in writing a short film to photography, contributing to the sustainable architectural thesis to working on conceptual designs for reputed Architecture and design firm. Aishwarya has what it takes to be a successful and leading entrepreneur, and coupled with a streak of optimism, she is raring to take on the challenge and reigns of a producer with AUROUS AVTAR as making films is her ultimate, passionate goal.